Top 10 Items That Should Not Be Stored in A Self-Storage Unit

When Covid 19 hit the UK back in April many people started remote working and turning their attention inwards to their home looking at ways to decorate and add space, not being able to go out and socialise had people spending money on their homes instead rather than spending their money shopping and socialising. This shift in behaviour turned our attention to our home and how we live.  Over 80% of people across the UK have too much clutter in their home, as a nation, we love our stuff so much that half the time it is forgotten about. 

Self storage decluttering solution  

The request for space is never-ending, whether you live in a mansion or a bungalow, there just never seems to be enough room. One simple solution is to use self-storage to declutter your home or to keep hold of those items you just can’t bare to part with. When you decide this is the right option for you need to be fully aware of what you can and can’t put into storage. Below we have put together a handy list, a common-sense self-storage guide.

Hazardous Materials. Think carefully when clearing out the garage or kitchen. Cleaners products can produce harmful chemicals if the air temperature is high. Paint or paint thinner can be a hazardous material in a unit. Components of paint and thinners such as turpentine can be flammable and are not allowed in a storage unit.

Plants. If not attended to, plants will die or bring bugs in a unit. They can also make the air toxic without proper ventilation. 

Food. Avoid bringing food that will attract vermin. Air-sealed bags are not safe, and anything you enjoy eating, pests enjoy eating as well. Pests such as rats and mice are enemies to storage units because they cause damage and are hard to exterminate. They tend to live in storage units undetected and will cause harm to your personal items.

Money and securities. For items of this nature, we would suggest specialist storage, such as a safe deposit box. These can be kept either at home or in a safe location. While Space4U storage units are safe and secure, we would recommend storing money and securities somewhere with a higher level of security

Stolen goods and illegal items. It might sound obvious but if you don’t legally own it you can’t legally store it on your premises or in storage. 

Animals. Many people have tried to keep their pet in storage to avoid paying kennel bills. Animals need light, air food and water to survive, so it goes without saying that you are not allowed to keep your pets or other animals in storage.

Anything flammable. If you are looking to store lawnmowers or garden equipment then you need to make sure the fuel tank is empty first. This is because petrol, oil, propane, gas, fuel and some chemicals may be flammable

Antique furniture and painting. Due to the hot and cold temperatures of storage units, these fluctuating temperatures may cause your furniture to expand or shrink, causing irreparable damages and might even make delicate chairs fall apart.

Electronics. As a nation we always like to have the latest laptop and mobile phone and when it comes to our previous models what do we do with them? Holding onto our old computers, phone, TV, or a camera for future use might seem like a great idea. But storing electronics in a storage unit for a long period of time could cause the metal inside to erode.

Family heirlooms. Whether it is a valuable piece of jewellery or a family photograph, anything with sentimental value that you can’t replace shouldn’t go into a storage unit. Photographs to turn yellow and the metal in jewellery may start to corrode

Once you’ve sorted out what you can and can’t store in your self-storage unit, it’s time to start your storage journey. Space4U we do things a little differently. Unlike other self-storage companies, we focus on tailored solutions and personal service that you can rely on for years to come. For a free quote call our team today. 

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