A Complete Guide to Personal Storage

A Complete Guide to Personal Storage

Personal storage solutions have become incredibly popular as of late. More and more people are looking for alternative storage solutions for smaller homes, and they’re also popular among people that are moving or renovating their homes. But how exactly does personal storage work? Are there any concerns that you should know about before using them? And what kind of personal storage options are there available? We’ll be covering all of these questions and more in this helpful guide to personal storage.

What Is Personal Storage?

Personal storage is essentially a secure personal space which you can use to store personal belongings and other items. It’s usually a little storage room with a secure entrance, but it can also be a large locker as well. You can also rent much larger rooms which are great for storing furniture and other big items.

Personal storage can be used for long-term self storage, but it can also be used for short-term projects such as a home renovation. There are a large variety of room sizes and you only pay for the space that you need. This means it can be an effective way to store a few items on a long-term basis, but can also be used to store many items over a weekend or during a home move.

Your Personal Storage Is Exclusive To You

You won’t be sharing a room or locker with other people. You’re essentially renting a space that is exclusively yours. You’ll be given a key or access code to your room and you can access it whenever you want to. Most personal storage solutions offer 24/7 access so you can always access your items no matter what time it is.

You Can Transport And Store Your Goods As You See Fit

Renting a storage space generally means that everything else needs to be handled by you. You’ll be responsible for transporting the goods, packing them tightly in your room, and also ensuring that your goods are protected when you transport them.

However, there are optional services that you can request from personal storage providers.

For example, some storage providers offer you the option of picking up your goods and packing them in your chosen storage area. They can also provide you with packing materials, van hire options, and even temporary shelving areas to help you store smaller items alongside large ones. There are plenty of options to customise your personal storage solution and you’ll find that it can be tailored to your exact specification and needs.

Security With Your Personal Storage Solution

One of the biggest concerns that people have with their personal storage solution is security. After all, if you’re storing your personal belongings in a shared facility that is run by a company, there’s always the risk that someone could break into your storage room and take your items. Thankfully, there are a number of countermeasures to prevent this and also peace of mind options to ensure that your goods are safe and secure.

For starters, every storage room is locked with a secure pin-code access entry system. You can’t just go into anyone’s storage room and will need a pin code to get inside. Secondly, there is around the clock surveillance with 24-hour alarm systems and CCTV. If anyone was to try and steal from you or open your storage room, the company will know about it and send security staff to confront the people who are attempting to steal your items. Many personal storage solutions can even offer you personal security options, such as installing your own padlocks for added peace of mind.

Do You Need Insurance For Your Personal Storage?

There are also insurance options in the event that something does happen. It could be a fire that damages some of the storage rooms, or even a thief that somehow makes it through the many layers of security protecting your goods. Setting up insurance will give you extra comfort knowing that you’ll be compensated should anything happen to your items. You can even arrange your own personal storage insurance if you like, but most companies will have on-site options as well.

But do you really need it? Most personal storage locations are safe and well-monitored, meaning there’s a very small risk that your personal belongings will be damaged in some way. However, if you’re storing something highly valuable and want the extra peace of mind, then we highly recommend getting some kind of insurance.

Personal Storage Is An Affordable Option

Let’s imagine you need to store away some items for a while because you’re moving. There aren’t many options available to you, especially if you need to move large items such as furniture. For example, you might be able to keep them in your car, you could rent a van for a long period of time to store them in a vehicle, or you could ask a friend to hold on to some things in their garage. While these are viable options, nothing comes close to the freedom and accessibility of a personal storage facility.

Whether you need 10 sq ft of space to 1,000 sq ft, there are many different size options to choose from. Since you’re only paying for what you use, you won’t be spending excessive amounts of money on a larger storage room that you can’t fill. If you ever need to scale up to a larger room, then you can always request it and easily transport all of your personal items to a bigger space.

In addition to the flexibility of room sizes, you also get flexible payment contracts. While many people prefer to pay as they use a storage room, there are long-term contracts where you can pay for several months upfront. This is great if you know you’ll be using a personal storage room for long-term storage, but it also helps you figure out exactly how much you’ll be paying. You’ll even get discounts for long-term contracts and there are no hidden fees.

Space4 U offers highly flexible contracts that allow you to scale your room sizes up and down as you need. We also provide package deals that can be combined together, providing you with an outstanding personal storage solution that is tailored to your needs and a lot more affordable than other storage facilities.

What Storage Room Size Should You Rent?

Unsure how much space you’ll need to rent? We have a solution for that!

Our storage size estimator can help you calculate how much storage space you’ll need to rent. It’s a handy list of the available storage sizes and gives you a rough idea of what you can fit inside it. Space4U offers small locker units that are great for bags and smaller items, but we also offer 200 sq ft spaces that are able to store enough items for a four-bedroom house.

If you’re unsure how much storage room you need, we’d be happy to help you estimate based on your needs. Simply get in touch with us for more information.

Preparing Your Items For Storage

So how can you prepare your items to be stored? Is there something you need to do, or can you leave it up to the storage facility staff?

In most cases, you’ll want to try and pack your items well so that they can be easily transported without damaging them. There are a couple of ways to do this.

  • Make sure you use packaging materials such as boxes, foam, and other items to both keep your items organised and safe from damage during transportation.
  • If you don’t have any packaging materials, the storage facility may offer some. However, you can also use items like used cardboard boxes, or even save up packaging materials from your purchases and online orders.
  • If you plan to store your items in boxes, make sure they are labelled. If you want to go an extra step, create an inventory list so you know exactly what you’re storing and in which boxes.
  • Some people prefer to use clear boxes and bins instead of cardboard or solid storage items. This can help you see what’s inside of your storage which makes it a bit easier to organise and find what you’re looking for.
  • Vacuum packing can be a good way to store more clothes in a smaller storage area. It takes a bit of time to do this, but it’s well worth the effort if you want to save a bit more space.
  • Ensure that you know what the storage guidelines are. Some places don’t allow certain items to be stored, so make sure you respect those guidelines or else you might risk having your contract cancelled.

If you’d like to learn more about personal storage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information. Our specialists at Space 4 U will be more than happy to guide you through the process of renting your own personal storage room, or even give you advice on how much space you’ll need for your situation.

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