Amazing self-storage facts & stats!

Ever wondered where the concept of self-storage originated? Or when the first modern storage facility opened? Maybe you want to know how many storage units there are in the UK? (That would be 1,430!) Find out the answer to all these questions and much more in our infographic filled with amazing self-storage facts and stats.

How many storage units in the UK? 1,430. When was self-storage facility opened? In the 1980's In Texas, USA. This as much more in our amazing self-storage facts and stats!

Having problems viewing this image? Here’s our amazing self-storage FAQ’s! For more fun storage facts why not read about some of the weirdest things ever found in storage units.

When did self-storage originate?

The concept of self-storage can be traced back 6,000 years to China.

When and where was the first self-storage facility opened?

The first modern storage facility opened in the 1960’s in Texas, USA.

When did the first storage facility open in the UK?

The first storage facility opened in the UK in the 1980’s.

How many storage facilities are in the UK?

There are around 1,430 storage facilities in the UK.

How many square feet of storage space is there in the UK?

The UK has over 42.2 million sqft of self-storage space.

Which European country has the most self-storage?

Almost 50% of all the self-storage facilities in Europe are in the UK.


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