Bracknell storage facilities

With its great location and a huge range of facilities and services, it’s no surprise that our Bracknell self storage facility is so popular. We do find, however, that some of the people that come to us don’t always know the full range of services we offer. In fact, some of our current customers may not know all the services they could have access to. If you’re looking for self storage Bracknell then take a look at what you’ll find available at Space 4U.

Bracknell self storage in the perfect location

While you can’t always choose which town or city you need storage services in, you can often choose the best location within your area. Facilities in the centre of town may struggle with traffic and congestion while those too far beyond the outskirts in the middle of nowhere will be much harder and longer to get to. For those looking for personal storage, these problems can be a nuisance, for those looking to set-up their business or overflow stock these problems can be serious and costly.

That’s why we’re proud to have our storage facility in Bracknell located in the Western Industrial Estate, only a short drive or bus journey from the station and town centre. This means we’re out of the way of the worst of the traffic, especially during rush hour times, but are in a popular business park surrounded by other big names. Because we’re just outside of the town centre we offer plenty of parking to our customers and the customers of the businesses that have offices with us.

Our Bracknell store is conveniently located close to town

The perfect sized storage units Bracknell

Finding the perfect sized storage unit is not just confusing, it can be almost impossible without the right options available. The bigger the choice of unit sizes, the more accurately your unit size will fit your requirements. That means never overpaying for your storage unit! There can also be a big difference between personal and business storage needs so the choice of storage units should reflect this.

At Space 4U Bracknell, you can store from just one box with our exclusive single box storage solution all the way up to large container storage and bespoke offices spaces. In our new facility we now offer more unit sizes than ever, so look at our storage size estimator or contact our Bracknell team today to find out more.

We offer a wide range of unit sizes at our Bracknell storage

Facilities and services

Providing self storage units isn’t the only service we offer; here at Space4U you’ll also find a wide range of additional facilities and services, some of which are completely unique, that make our storage units better and improve your experience.

Security and access

Our state of the art CCTV and alarm security are part of what makes us trusted by our customers but it also enables us to safely offer 24/7 access with a secure pin code. This means that while you can find our team around to help during our business hours, you can access your storage unit at a time that works best for you.

Box shop

Our fully stocked box shop has everything you need to easily and securely store your belongings, whether you’re moving house or packing up your home office to take your business to the next step. As well as boxes, packing tape and much more we also sell padlocks for your storage unit on site. This is a must for all our customers and while you’re welcome to provide your own, many of our customers find it convenient to purchase the ones in stock.

Our box shop is just one of our many Bracknell storage facilities

Removals service

We’ve partnered with a local removals company to help you easily book removals for your move. This is often much easier and quicker than sourcing your own, plus our removals company is usually around onsite to answer questions and provide an affordable solution. We even offer a free pick up service with some of our units as long as you’re within a five miles radius of our Bracknell self storage facility.

Friendly staff

We’re proud of our Bracknell team who collectively have years of expertise within the storage industry and are always happy to answer questions and provide advice both before and after you move in with us.

Trolleys and pallet trucks

We provide trolleys and pallet trucks at the main entrance of our storage units which are free to use to all our customers. They should help take the strain of move-in day, plus they load into our special lift to take anything you need up to our units on the upper levels of the facility.

UPS Access Point

We recently became a UPS Access Point to help provide an even more convenient service to all our customers. You can now pick up and drop off parcels, so you can schedule your deliveries in with accessing your self-storage unit instead of going out of your way. There are some strict criteria for being a UPS Access Point, such as having a clean facility, so we’re proud to be able to provide this service.

We're proud to be a UPS Access Point at Bracknell our Bracknell facility

Business specific services

While our services and facilities are there for all our customers, there are some business specific services that are most useful to our business customers.


While our single box storage solution is most often used by our personal storage customers, archiving is great for businesses looking to make some room at the office and clear out their paperwork. Often these documents need to be kept for legal or practical reasons but are rarely accessed and are best stored offsite. Our box shop provides archive boxes and our team can help guide you to the right storage unit for the number of boxes you need to store.

Bespoke office space

Our larger units and dedicated office spaces can be customised to suit your needs and you’re welcome to customise them further over time as you settle in. As a basis, all your bespoke offices come with WiFi, power and lighting.

You can also get bespoke office space at Space 4U Bracknell


As well as our UPS Access Point service we’re also more than happy to handle deliveries for our business customers. You can have stock, including pallets, delivered and we can help unload and drop them off to your storage unit if you’re away.

Secure your storage in Bracknell

Contact one of our team today or fill out our free quote form to find out how we could help you with your personal or business storage requirements.

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