Business Storage: Warehousing vs. Storage Units

Whether you’re a one-man start-up or a small but rapidly growing business, many struggle to find the right place to grow their business without sending costs skyrocketing. Fortunately, there are more options out there than pricey long-term contracts. Maybe you need new warehousing for your increasing stock levels or you just need to get out of the home office and into something more official, business storage could be the perfect solution.

There different business storage options depending on the type and size of your business storage needs

Types of Business Storage

Business storage is a general term for a huge variety of business solutions that storage units offer. The range of sizes alone mean storage units can answer almost any of your small business needs, and additional features make them completely adaptable to your growing demands.


From single box archiving to large inventory needs, storage units can provide clean and dry warehousing space that you can access anytime you need.

Office Space

If you’re struggling with the price or contractual agreement involved in renting office space, why not look at a storage solution. Have your unit converted into the perfect office space with all the amenities you’d expect including WiFi, lighting and power sockets?

warehouse storage

The Benefits of Storage for Business

Whatever type of storage you need for your business, there are huge benefits to be had.

Choosing a storage unit for your warehouse space will save money on up front and maintenance costs

Save Money

The number one reason to consider a business storage solution is money. Unlike office rentals and traditional warehousing, there are no business rates or maintenance costs involved. That means as well as a much cheaper and affordable monthly rate from the outset, you’ll also see significant long-term cost savings. Plus, with such a wide range of unit sizes and small size increases, you’ll only ever have to pay for the exact size unit that you need.

Stay Local

Large warehousing and often office space can be a bit out of the way due to their size, especially for anyone living or working closer to the town centre. This can be both tedious and time-consuming, especially as a busy entrepreneur or a recent start-up.

Conversely, the nature of self-storage means that the facilities are usually situated in convenient town locations with good access to surrounding areas. For an affordable local option, business storage can save you a lot of time and effort when running your business. In fact, you can even get office space and warehousing space in the same facility, so you have everything you need all in one place.

Security is a top priority for any business storage need and storage facilities can offer top security for less money than other traditional spaces

Better Security

Warehouses are notorious for break-ins and burglaries. As well as their secluded locations, they often lack the proper CCTV and security measures needed to protect your valuable stock unless, of course, you want to invest a lot of money out of your own pocket.

Smaller businesses and start-ups often don’t have the equity to invest in these measures, or simply don’t see the value when their situation could change and they may find themselves needing to move again. If this sounds familiar, then you could be missing a trick.

A good storage facility will have plenty of CCTV, alarm systems and 24/7 security giving you round the clock access, 7 days a week, without risking any of your assets. With the latest technology and protection measures, plus on-site staff during working hours, storage units can give peace of mind to retailers simply not afforded by traditional warehousing space.

With our business storage solutions you won't be tied into lengthy and costly contracts

Flexibility and Versatility

Storage facilities are easily the most flexible and versatile solution for your warehousing and business storage needs. Both warehousing and office space often include long-term contracts that tie you into high business and maintenance costs. If your rates or maintenance costs rise, you can quickly find your overheads eating into your profit.

Even if the costs don’t get you, you may simply find that the space you started out with isn’t the space you need in a few months’ time. This is especially true with start-ups or newer businesses that may see rapid growth or spikes. You may find your home space quickly becomes overwhelmed, while rented warehousing or office space can simply be too big and costly during downtimes.

Unlike rigid long-term costs, storage space gives you virtually unlimited flexibility. You’ll never be stuck with a unit that is too big or small, and the wide variety of unit sizes means you can find the space that suits your needs at the time. Upgrade to a larger unit or simply take on additional space as and when you need it. In a clean and modern facility, organising and finding your stock is easy so you can focus on running your business.

Space 4U Self Storage offer a unique personal experience with all our business storage solutions

Business Storage That’s Personal

Not all storage facilities offer the personal touch, but at Space4U we bring all the benefits of our personal storage to our business solutions, something you just can’t get with traditional warehousing or office space.

Our team of experts are always on hand to give packing, moving and business storage advice whether you’re looking for small temporary warehousing or spreading your wings in new office space. We can even make sure your deliveries and goods get to your storage unit and update you when a new delivery shows up to help with the day-to-day running of your business.

You can also get personal with our bespoke office spaces, completely customisable and fitted with lighting, power and WiFi to suit your needs. Keep it basic as your business finds it feet, and refit it as your business grows and demands more facilities. Unlike traditional office space, you’re not tied down to certain restrictions, and the money you’ll save on rent and maintenance will you leave you plenty of cash to create the office space of your dreams.

Find out more about our variety of affordable business storage solutions

If you’re looking for warehousing, office space or both, talk to one of our team today or get a quote online. We can guide you through the process to help you find the perfect space for your current business needs, and plan for your future ones too.

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