How Commercial Storage Can Benefit Your Business

Every business will reach a point where they need space to expand, but sometimes the idea of relocating seems unappealing for a multitude of reasons. Not only can it be largely time-consuming and costly in some situations, but if you don’t pick the right location then it can massively inconvenience your employees and client base. Whilst an entire relocation project might not be right for you and your business, if your company’s ready to grow – perhaps you’re taking on more employees, or need a new distribution point for your sales team – then it could be time to rethink your commercial storage solutions.

Whether you need to manage an influx of documents or find somewhere secure to store business inventory, tools or equipment, hiring out business storage units is a great solution. Secure and cost-efficient storage facilities come with many advantages that will alleviate worry and allow you to focus on more important tasks. No matter what industry you work within, storage container hire is a fantastic idea for businesses looking to increase their efficiency in the long run.

Should Your Business Rent a Commercial Storage Unit?

If you’re a small business owner, chances are that you’re always wishing that you had more space. If you currently find yourself overwhelmed with a large volume of deliveries, products or equipment to store but nowhere to put them, storage container hire could be the answer. This is especially true for:

  • Retailers who want to organise their excess inventory.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to get the most out of their business premises.
  • Mechanics, plumbers and construction workers who need to store hardware.
  • E-commerce business owners who need a flexible storage and distribution point to optimise their daily operations.
  • Pharmaceutical representatives who need a safe space to store their samples.
  • All business owners with an excess of documents and furniture.

What Can You Store in a Commercial Storage Unit?

Thanks to their safe, sealed and watertight properties, there are a countless number of items that you can keep in your business storage unit. From valuable deliveries or equipment to unused furniture, a self-storage unit can help to safeguard what matters most to you and your business. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the most common items that your commercial storage unit can accommodate.

Paper Documents

Despite the fact that much of the working world has gone digital, paper isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Every business will have essential paper documents, such as financial records, that need to be kept in pristine condition and organised stringently. Naturally, however, over time all of these documents start to take up precious office space. As a result, a secure, dry storage unit is all you really need to declutter your office, and if it’s closeby to your workplace then you can ensure that you have easy access to important data whenever you need it.

Office Furniture & Equipment

Let’s face it: the cost of renting out an office space isn’t exactly cheap these days, so you shouldn’t fill it up with items that you no longer use. Instead, only keep the essentials within your office, and stash any unused furniture, workstations or machinery in a business storage unit. Creating a neat and organised office environment that you can use in whatever manner you choose is great for improving efficiency and will be more profitable for your business.

Construction Tools & Materials

If you’re tired of having to store all of your tools and spare parts in your garage or work van, a storage unit that you can drive up to is bound to make your job much more simple. Rent a storage space in a strategic location where you can easily pick up your equipment and supplies before you visit your clients. Certain storage companies will even assist you by placing all of your goods in your unit for you, saving you lots of time.

Retail Inventory

No matter what you sell – whether it’s clothing, books, toys or machinery – it can all be safely stored in your business storage unit, ready to be packed up and sent out for delivery. You could even use one unit to keep your main bulk of stock, and another to prepare orders and manage distribution.

How Secure Storage Hire Can Optimise Your Business Operations

Running a successful business is all about making smart investments, and storage container hire is one such investment. From heightened security to more efficient organisation, commercial storage solutions will benefit your business in a number of ways, some of which we have listed below.

1.   Cost-Efficiency

One of the predominant reasons that many businesses find themselves struggling with a cluttered working environment is because they simply cannot afford to expand or relocate. The cost-effectiveness of storage container hire is precisely why so many businesses opt for this option over the former. After all, why would you waste money on a pricey expansion project when you can easily rent a storage unit that is available in the exact size that you require?

The low monthly cost of a business storage unit makes it ideal for storing office supplies, furniture, inventory and much more without breaking the bank. Although you will have to pay for the price of hire, you will inevitably save on other expenses, including:

  • Electricity and other utilities
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Other personnel

2.   Optimise Your Office Space’s Functionality

Regardless of the size of your office or warehouse, there is no such thing as too much storage space. An overflow of documents, supplies and unused equipment or furniture often leads to a cramped, inefficient workspace that makes it difficult to work.

Declutter your office or warehouse in order to put your valuable space to better use. With commercial storage solutions, you can easily implement a clean desk policy, operate in greater comfort and enjoy a far more productive working environment tailored to the needs of your business.

3.   Plenty of Convenient Locations Available

If you spend a significant amount of time retrieving equipment or merchandise, then it is essential that you consider storage container hire. Business storage units are often conveniently located nearby industrial areas, so you should have no problem finding one that is close enough to your main premises.

Renting a storage unit in a suitable location will make your business operations much more streamlined. All of your supplies and equipment will be closeby to your job site and clients, where you can quickly drive up and load 24/7. This way, you immediately reduce your travel time, as well as all related travel expenses.

4.   Improved Security

Your inventory, business supplies, equipment and machinery are all incredibly valuable. If you are storing them in your office with a low level of security, you’re bound to be worried that you’re putting everything at risk. A commercial storage facility with round-the-clock surveillance and units locked exclusively by the business owner provide the security you need at a reasonable cost. You will rest easy knowing that your valuables are as safe as they can be.

5.   Flexible Solutions

You know you need space in the immediate future, but with your business changing so rapidly, it can be hard to predict what will happen next year, let alone the next few months. Will you require extra storage space, or will you need less? Storage container hire grants you the flexibility you need, as you can adjust the size of your unit as your company evolves. You could start with a smaller unit and upgrade to a larger one when the time comes, or even downgrade to a smaller one again if you no longer need the space. In any case, you’ll never need to stress about paying for space that you won’t be using.

Looking For Commercial Storage Units in Bracknell?

Here at Space 4 U Self Storage, we understand better than anyone that your business is your entire livelihood, which is why we provide a wide selection of secure, clean and dry commercial storage solutions in our prime Bracknell location. At Space 4 U, you will benefit from secure 24-hour access, high-tech security solutions, no-risk flexible contracts and a friendly and reliable team who can take deliveries in your absence – all at highly competitive prices. Whether you need a space to archive important documents, store goods in a mini warehouse, help you run an online business or as a supply hub for tradesmen, we will happily tailor our services to meet the requirements of your business. If you’re unsure as to what these requirements might be, feel free to use our storage size estimator to get a better idea, or you can even obtain a free, no obligation quote here.

To find out more about our bespoke commercial storage solutions, please get in touch or feel free to pop in to our Bracknell site to speak to a member of our helpful team.