How To Pack Your Storage Unit Effectively: Tips & Tricks

When it comes to storage units, you want to maximise the space that you’re working with to get the most out of it! So, being able to pack effectively and in the best way possible will definitely go a long way. Not only will you be able to store more items in your storage unit, you’ll have clear and easy access to all your belongings! To find out how to make the most out of your storage space, keep on reading.

Maximising Your Space

These are some of our tips and tricks for you to try and maximise your storage facilities!

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the first stage in perfectly packing your storage unit. Try categorising your items by size and sorting them into groups, or you can organise by how much you need to use a certain item. It depends on your own personal needs, but the important thing is to get your items sorted out.

Clearly Label Things

Labelling will go a long way when it comes to boxes and looking for things inside your storage unit. There’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to find one particular tem, so keeping things clearly labelled will help you out.

Disassemble Larger Items

Taking your larger items apart will help you to pack them more effectively, and they won’t take up so much space. Keep all of the pieces of your furniture near each other so that you don’t lose any screws, bolts or other essential parts.

Protect Delicate Items

Protecting your delicate items may seem impossible, however the easiest thing to do is to wrap them in bubble wrap, cloths or other soft items and put them into boxes. This way you can keep them safe and out of the way without worrying about any damage.

Blankets & Covers

When it comes to larger furniture items like sofas, tables or chairs, using blankets and other soft materials to cover up your items can protect them from scratching, moisture and other potential damage.

If you need to keep things off the ground you can invest in elevated shelving units.

Stack Smartly

Stacking smartly usually means starting with the heavy duty, large furniture first and working your way through to your smaller items. Depending on the access you need to your items, you may want to stack differently, but it’s important to think about functionality when stacking.


Keep your access routes clear and keep a space clear deeper in the storage unit so that you can walk safely and access all items.

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