Maximising Space: Storage Solutions For A Cluttered House

If you’re someone with clutter all over the house, or simply looking to tidy things up a bit, then this blog is for you! We are going to discuss a range of innovative and useful storage solutions to help you keep your home clutter free. To find out more about the perfect storage solutions for your home, keep on reading!

How Can I Maximise The Space In My Home?

We have picked out four helpful solutions that should help you to organise and keep your home looking spick and span!

Functional Furniture

Nowadays, furniture can be used as your storage! There is a huge variety of furniture items that can double up as a storage space!

Many beds now come with a lifting option, so that you can store things underneath your mattress and still have easy access. Your footstool in your living room or even your sofa can double up as a compartment for storage and keeping things tidy! Not to mention, you don’t need to compromise on aesthetics, as your clutter can be hidden away!

Vertical Space

Making use of vertical space is another innovative way to declutter your home. You can find a variety of storage solutions such as:

  • Shelves
  • Hooks
  • Hanging organisers
  • Tall cabinets

Which are all great ways to use the space up high and keep clutter free from your home!

Bespoke Closets

Closet space can be tricky, and many of us don’t have enough and struggle with a ‘floordrobe’! Bespoke or custom closets however, could be the solution to your closet concerns. They are designed and custom built to include a range of organising features, and all your clothes can stay safely kept!

Closet spaces can be made more effective with draw dividers, adjustable shelves or space-saving hangers! These are just a few ideas to get you thinking, and your custom closet can cater to your own personal needs!

Hidden Spaces

Every home has nooks and crannies that most likely aren’t being used. To reduce clutter and maximise the space in your home, using these nooks and crannies can benefit your space massively! You may want to turn these corners into functional areas of your home(like a cosy reading spot or tucked away sofa), or you may want to invest in sleek and minimal storage options to make use of the space that way!

Space 4 U Self Storage

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