Simple Ways To Start Decluttering and Organising Your Home

Is your home starting to look a little…cluttered? It can feel like a laborious task, so here are some ways you can start organising your home.

It can be a boring and tedious task to start decluttering your home. While it may feel overwhelmingly strenuous, these tips will help you break down the process and get your home feeling spick and span.

Start small

Instead of tackling the entire house in one go, start with small, manageable spaces. You can start with just one corner of a room, and work your way through it in your own time, leaving you far less stressed and rushed. Don’t task yourself with too much either. Working through it bit by bit  Decluttering and organising will help both you and your home to feel clear and refreshed!

Chuck things out

Start by decluttering! Whether you’ve got attachments to things or not, being ruthless with your possessions will help. Don’t be afraid to chuck out things you just aren’t using. Start with this, so that when it comes to organising, you are left with things you want to keep.

Donate things to charity

If you’re not particularly attached to some of your items, donating to charity can be a simple way to get rid of things. On one hand, you could sell your items to make some cash but by donating, your items could be going to someone in need! So, it’s a rewarding option to consider if you want things out of your house asap!

Be smart with your storage

Commit to your organisation. The decluttering process can be tedious, but when you come to picking out your storage solutions, you can get a bit more creative. There are plenty of ways to store things, but be smart with the areas you’re organising. Try to optimise the space you have to work best in your home. This goes for everything, from your clothes to your pantry to your bathroom.

It may seem excessive to organise everything so thoroughly, but it will really help your home feel revived!

Personal Self-storage

If bigger items are the problem in your household, personal self storage may be the way forward. This is a perfect option if you don’t quite have the time to organise yet but you still want to get things out of your home. You can use this for small and large items that are becoming an eyesore. Storage units also have CCTv and alarms, if secure storage is a concern for you.

Our storage solutions

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