Single box storage

If you don’t need to store bulkier items like furniture, then many people struggle to find an affordable storage solution. Often, you’ll find yourself overpaying for more space than you need or spending a fortune on a specialised solution. Our single box storage solution is a new and exclusive way to store smaller items and quantities just one box at a time without paying a fortune.

What is single box storage

The beauty of our single box storage is its simplicity. We take care of almost everything from start to finish including supplying your boxes and delivering your goods back to you.

1: We supply free boxes

That’s right, free! Contact us to arrange for your free boxes to be delivered and we’ll organise for them to be delivered straight away, also for free if you’re within a ten-mile radius of either of our stores. Our box dimensions are 45cm x 35cm x 35cm are doubled walled for extra strength. If you discover you need more boxes part way through packing, then just call us and we’ll have some more delivered as soon as possible.

2: We collect

Once you’ve packed all your boxes just give us a call and book a collection. We’ll send our driver to come and collect your boxes and take them to our secure facility the same day.

3: We store

Each box is then given its individual bar-code and allocated a locked space in our secure storage facility. Our building is fully covered by HD CCTV and a security alarm system using the latest technology so you can be sure that your belongings are completely safe. The best part? We do all of this for just £2.50 for each box per month!

4: We deliver

When you’re ready to have your box returned just give us another call and arrange for a convenient time for our driver to deliver your boxes back. We return your boxes back to you for just £8 for the first box and £4 for every box after that as long as it’s in the same delivery.

Single box storage at Space 4U

Who benefits from single box storage

Single box storage is perfect for anyone looking to store smaller items without overpaying.

Personal storage

Store your valuables or household items while you move or renovate. Ideal for keeping your belongings safe with builders wandering in and out of the house, or for moving if you don’t require furniture storage.

Business storage

Make some more space in the office and organise your paperwork whether it’s temporarily while you move offices or as a more long-term solution.

Student storage

Students are perhaps the biggest benefiters of our single box solution. With no furniture to worry about this solution is ideal for storing uni work and personal belongings you don’t immediately need over the summer months and between halls or student homes.

The benefits of single box storage

In case you’re still not convinced, here’s a run-down of all the benefits of single box storage.


At just £2.50 for a box each month, this is our most affordable storage solution yet.

Store smaller amounts

Not everyone needs to store bulkier furniture items with their other belongings. This is a great way to store household or personal belongings without overpaying for a larger storage unit.


While you can store smaller sized objects there’s no limit on the number of boxes you can store. This means you can store from just 1 or even 100 boxes and scale up or down to suit your needs at any time.

It’s easy

We deal with the whole process from start to finish so there’s minimal effort required from you. All you need to do is pack, we’ll cover the supply and delivery of boxes and even return your boxes back to you.

Want to know more? Contact one of our team today or pop in and see us!

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