The best spring cleaning tips

As we quickly approach the spring and start to see the first signs of the weather warming up, it’s a great time to give your home some love. The annual spring clean is a long standing tradition for many, but this year perhaps more than any other most of us will have some serious time to spend on spring cleaning.

For the majority of us that are staying in doors to protect against the spread of COVID-19, it’s a good time to refocus our attention on our homes. Spring cleaning is a great way to keep occupied and utilise the new time we have inside as well as making sure our homes are a great place to keep safe.

Plus, a good spring clean could even help you clear some space in your home to help you make room for a new home office set up or hobby area. To help, take a look at our top spring cleaning tips!

Start by decluttering

It’s usually much easier to clean when you have less clutter around. If you’re a bit of a collector, then you’ll already know how easily lots of ornaments and souvenirs can pick up dust. When it comes to cleaning, it requires more time to move these items around to help you get to all the far corners plus it’s harder to keep clean regularly so your annual spring clean will take much longer.

spring cleaning tips

If you’re finding yourself with a bit more time on your hands then it’s a great opportunity to go through your home top to bottom and identify anything that you could donate, throw away or even just put away somewhere else to make room for the things that really matter. If you’re struggling to part with some of your possessions but know that you may not use them much or they are taking up unnecessary space, then an affordable self storage solution could help.

At Space 4U, we’re taking enquiries and payment over the phone to help promote social distancing but our facilities are still open for you to move in any sentimental items you may not have space for anymore. Our affordable prices ensure you can keep your storage unit long term and use it whenever you like to help you keep your home decluttered.

Get organised

Being organised about your spring clean can make it much easier, especially when it may take you a few days to get through it all. Make a list of each room and the main areas of each room, not forgetting any of the nooks and crannies as well as key items such as ovens and fridges. You can then tick off each item as you go, leaving ovens or fridges until a more convenient time while you tackle surfaces elsewhere. With a checklist, you can be sure you won’t forget anything and return to later items when you need to.

Get the family involved

The more hands the better. Having a group to help you clean can make the job much quicker and easier, but getting the family involved is more important than ever. With kids cooped up indoors and whole families self isolating together, getting everyone involved is a good opportunity to bring everyone together and keep occupied.

Depending on the ages in your family or house, you can give responsibility of an entire room to each person or give some people a task to complete such as cleaning the oven or sorting out a cupboard. Younger members can take on smaller tasks, such as having responsibility over their own toys to declutter and organise.

Work from top to bottom

The best way to clean a home is always from top to bottom. Getting cobwebs from the ceiling and corners of a room and wiping down sides will always make floors dirty, so leave the sweeping and mopping of a room until last. On your way, don’t forget about windows and walls! Walls get easily marked and can even get dusty while windows may be surprisingly grubby once you get a close look. Clean windows inside and out; it can be a good way to get some fresh air!

Don’t buy lots of cleaner

Today’s ailes are filled with all types of specialist cleaning products with bold claims and often hefty price tags. The truth is, you don’t need to buy a whole selection of different cleaning products to do a good job. In fact, a thorough spring clean only needs to rely on simple items like an all-purpose cleaner or even just warm, soapy water. Washing up liquid can often be a powerhouse product when it comes to cleaning everything from the bathroom to the dishes! Some decent microfiber cloths are also essential.

Not only is saving on all these plastic bottles much better for the planet and your wallet, but it also means you don’t need to keep heading to the supermarket to stock up on lots of cleaning products.

Need help with your decluttering?

If you’re about to tackle your big spring clean and are already wondering where to put all those souvenirs and sentimental items that might be getting in the way, we can help. Clearing space at home leaves you with room for what really matters, whether it’s a new home office and study area, a place to practice music or a fun arts room. Contact one of our friendly team today to see how we could help you tackle this year’s spring clean by providing affordable and secure self storage space, leaving you room to clean and space to grow.

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