Top Tips For Organising A Self-Storage Rental Unit

Self-storage units, whether in Bracknell or Bristol, are an effective way to keep your possessions safe and secure. Such storage rental can be of service to businesses managing surplus office materials or for personal use when moving to a new house.

Whatever your storage solutions are used for, there are ways to optimise self-storage units for the efficient maintenance of items. Read on to learn some top tips for organising your self-storage unit in Bracknell or elsewhere.


For anyone looking for an effective storage solution, simply piling items in chaotically will undersell the value of storage rental. Whether for personal or commercial use, categorisation is essential. You should create an inventory of everything you plan to store, helping you keep track of all your contents.

Then, group similar items together (whether that be clothes, appliances, paperwork, etc) in sections to make them easy to locate. If you have boxes or containers storing items, label them with a clear description of what’s inside. This can enable you to quickly find what you’re looking for without digging through numerous boxes


With your items categorised, you should then have your storage solution organised with the most effective placement. Shelving and racks can be a good idea to keep items grouped without sacrificing any space within the storage rental unit. With shelving, the adjustable height can help you make the area a bespoke storage solution for a range of contents.

Once organised, ensure there is an open space in the centre of the storage unit to form an aisle. This can create easy access to all of the items, including the ones placed at the back, and means you can find items without having to rearrange everything.

Storage Techniques

If you’re keeping fragile items in your storage rental unit, such as glassware or electronics, it is a good idea to wrap them with a protective material. Bubble wrap or foam can massively help to prevent any sort of damage to important, perhaps sentimentally or financially valuable, items

It is also a good rule of thumb to keep the most frequently used items at the front of your storage rental unit. Having easy access to continually used objects can save you time and effort in retrieval, whilst preventing the risk of damaging other items when leaning over to collect them.

Space 4U Self Storage

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