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How self storage works

Confused about self storage? You’re not the only one! We get loads of new customers all the time who have never used storage before and we understand that it can look a bit confusing to begin with. We often get asked how self storage works and what the process is. Fortunately, there’s not much to it once you understand the steps.

To help you make sense of it, take a look at this brief guide that puts self storage in simple terms. From explaining what it is and why you might need it, to how the process works once you’ve decided that you need self storage.

What is self storage?

First, let’s explain exactly what it is. Self storage is simply a service where people just like you can rent space to store things. We often get asked how secure is self storage or is it safe, and the answer is it definitely should be! Because you’re storing items that are probably worth something to you, whether it’s monetary or sentimental, there are a few basic things that every storage facility should provide.    

Why do people need self storage?

There are loads of reasons why someone might need to rent additional space in a remote location, which is why there is a range of different storage solutions to choose from.

Personal storage is perfect for:

  • People looking to move house
  • Decluttering and reclaiming back that spare bedroom
  • Clear some space and protect your belongings during building renovations

Business storage is perfect for:

  • Archiving important documents and clearing space at the office
  • Exhibition gear and other spare office furniture
  • Stock and warehouse space to run your online business
  • A trade hub to store your tools and take deliveries
  • Bespoke office space for a more affordable office solution

How does self storage work? Our process

1: Choose your location

Choose the most convenient location for you. Both our Bracknell and Windsor facilities are on the outskirts of town centres so we provide plenty of parking to avoid the city traffic while still being convenient to main amenities and transport.


2: Choose your solution

Decide on whether you need personal storage, business storage or even one of our other options such as our container storage or single box storage. Our team are on hand to help you choose the right one depending on your needs.


3: Choose your unit size

We have a huge range of unit sizes to choose from so you can find the perfect fit. Again, it’s probably best to speak to our experts as it’s difficult to know exactly what fits into certain units for the first time and most people either under or overestimate their needs.

4: Reserve your unit

Next, you just need to reserve your unit and sign your contract. If you’re not too sure how long you need that’s okay, it’s a pay monthly contract with a minimum of two weeks. We’ll just need contact details, some photo ID and something with an address on for you, plus the same for anyone else you would like to access the unit.

You can reserve your unit for £10 up to a month in advance of your move in and when you’re ready we just require a small refundable security deposit and one month’s rent as your first payment.

5: Secure your unit

You will need to secure your unit with a padlock which we can supply in branch for a small fee or feel free to bring your own. All customers will require insurance before they move in. We can’t let you move in without either, but both are easy to sort out and are provided by us at the point of moving in.

6: Move in

Once your unit choice has been secured you’re all good to move in! We’ve teamed up with an affordable local removals company so we can provide a complete start to finish hassle-free service, or simply organise your own. You might even qualify for our free pick-up service, so talk to our team to find out more.

7: Accessing your unit and moving out

You can access your unit 24/7 at Space 4U with your very own pin code, so no relying on tricky business hours. When you want to move out, just give us 2 weeks notice. We’ll be sad to see you go!

Got any more questions? You might find answers on our FAQ page, but we’re always happy to take customer queries.