10 Creative Storage Hacks For Around The Home

While we’re a big fan of decluttering to get some more storage space in your life, sometimes this simply isn’t enough. Even the home essentials can start to build up and look disorganised, and small spaces, in particular, can start to look messy. If your space is being slowly overwhelmed by clothes and clutter or you simply lack storage space around the home, have no fear.

As part of our spring storage guides, we’ve found 10 creative home storage solutions that we’re not sure how we’ve lived without! These home storage ideas are perfect for people looking to get some extra room in their lives, but we think everyone could benefit from the extra organisation.

After following our step-by-step decluttering guide, take a look at these amazing hacks and implement them as your final organisational solution to help keep the clutter away.

1. Tension Rods

One of the most versatile hacks on our list, tension rods are like bigger and better drawer dividers for your cupboards and closets.

By far the most obscure yet effective way of using these simple tools is in the cupboard under your sink. If you’re like most people, this black hole of cleaning products has probably seen better and more organised days. Fixed into your cupboard like a rail, the tension rod provides the perfect place to hang all your spray bottles. This clears the clutter from the bottom of the shelf to make room for other items and makes it much easier to see what you need, get it out and put it away again.

The more popular and still effective way of using tension rods is in cupboards for pots and pans. Placed vertically this time, they can help separate your pans and chopping boards. Group them together into organised categories or simply separate them for easier reaching. Similarly, use as drawer dividers for your pots and pans. Place lids into smaller compartments near the drawer door and stack your pots in larger sections. Not only does this look amazingly neat, but it’ll cause much less of a racket as well.

Tension rods are a good way of organising your kitchen cupboards and drawers

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2. Shower Hooks and Rings

A hook is a great organiser almost anywhere in the home, and they’re perfect for hanging extra items on the inside of doors and cupboards to make the most of all your space. You can use any type of hook to create some space anywhere in the home, but shower hooks and rings are some of the cheapest and more simple to use.

Shower hooks can be used to clear your wardrobe floor and hang your handbags, belts, scarves and other accessories on your clothes rail instead. Alternatively, combine with cheap towel bars and hang these accessories on your wardrobe door to create even more space. Curtain rings can be used for scarves, and you can even hang your tank tops and vests on your curtain hooks to create some more drawer space.

While they make perfect wardrobe companions, you can also use shower hooks for your towels. Hanging your towels in this way not only means you can fit more onto your towel racks, but it also keeps them separate for better drying as well. This tip can be a real saviour if you struggle with space to dry your washing loads.

Shower rings are a good storage hack for organising your wardrobe

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3. Cables and Wires

Even small households can struggle with too many cables and wires. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, TV’s and other devices can create a mess with cables and multi-adapters, and it can be frustrating to unplug or find the right one quickly.

When it comes to keeping your cables and adapters neat, why not try this unique shoebox idea. Simply poke holes in the shoebox to feed your wires out, and place the adapter in the shoe box. Not only can you decorate the box to keep these messy eye-sores looking neat and tidy, but you can also label each slot to make finding the right cable easy. If you don’t fancy decorating your shoebox, you can always simply label your cables to get a bit more organisation around the TV.

When not in use, spare cables can become tangled and impossible to find. Instead of stuffing them out of sight in a junk drawer or spare box, keep them organised with toilet paper rolls. These cardboard tubes are ideal for keeping your cables wrapped up neatly, plus you can label them to make finding the right one easier.

Messy cables can be a real eye-sore, organise them with the help of some simple household items

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4. Corkboards

A corkboard is an extremely versatile material and can be used for much more than just organising your notes. You can use it to pin up jewellery, keeping necklaces untangled and all your earrings organised to create some extra space on your dressing table. As well as making it easier to find and see all your jewellery in one place, cork has a natural rustic look for stylish organisation. If you don’t like the plain cork look, it’s also easy to decorate it to suit your tastes.

If you like this cork board hack, why not go bigger and better with a wardrobe corkboard. Used on your wardrobe door or bedroom wall, you can hang hats, scarves, belts and ties. You can even hang small lightweight wire baskets which are perfect for storing extra items.

Cork boards are an affordable way to organise your wardrobe and make some more storage space at home

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5. Magazine or Folder Holders

Magazine holders can be used for more than just keeping your magazine clutter tidy. In the kitchen, you can use them to store chopping boards, or even for tin foil and cling film wraps to save on drawer clutter.

If you lack space in the bedroom and need to store your hairdryer, straighteners or curling irons on your dresser or, worse yet, on the floor, then a magazine holder should be your new best friend. They are the perfect shape to fit your various hair appliances, and you can store several appliances in one place to cut down on the dressing table clutter.

6. Shoe Organisers

Shoe organisers are another extremely versatile home storage solution. Perfect for hanging on the inside of doors, this simple tool offers virtually limitless storage ideas. We’ve seen these affordable organisers used for cables, food, toys and much more. You can find similar tools with smaller sized pockets for things like stationery and other small items, and even label the pockets for smarter organisation.

Use your shoe organiser for more than just shoes and organise while also creating some extra storage space around the home

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7. Under Bed Storage

If you’re suffering from clutter or short on space, finding extra space can be a godsend. Luckily, you don’t need to wait around for a miracle to make this happen. If you don’t have it already, creating some space under your bed can have serious storage advantages at home. Rather than simply filling your under-bed space with old clothes or junk, make sure you have a proper declutter and only store things you want to keep and will probably need to get to throughout the year.

We recommend using drawers, as they’re easy to access and make the most of the total bed space. You can do this by either investing in a bed with under bed space if you’re in the middle of downsizing or purchasing some cheap storage boxes with wheels. You can find some that are shallower than usual and specially designed for under-bed spaces.

8. Look Up High

The ceiling and upper parts of the wall are some of the most underutilised spaces in the home. There’s plenty of space to be had if you look up. Shelving and crown molding cabinets can be used on your walls to make more space for everything from books to shoes. Hang your heels, coats and even pictures on stylish crown molding, or place shelving around the top of your room and even in the space over your doors to make use of every available space. For something with a bit more style, you can even repurpose some old plant baskets and hang from your ceiling. These are ideal for storing toys, socks and much more.

Anyone with a bike, especially anyone living in a flat, will know the frustration of storing it when no secure outside bike space is available. If you know the pain of bike storage, then why not try hanging your bike from your wall or even from your ceiling. Today there are loads of wall storage solutions you can buy for your bike, and there are plenty of tutorials for making your own as well.

If you're looking for a storage hack to give you more space around the home, try storing things up high

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9. Drawer Dividers

Just like shoe organisers, drawer dividers are a staple item in many homes but can be used for much more than just cutlery or underwear. In fact, you can use them to organise just about any drawer in your home. Messy make-up drawers? Organise your dresser with a simple drawer divider and keep all your make-up organised. Keep pens, pencils and other stationery supplies grouped together with a drawer tidy solution.

10. Tins and Jars

Tins and jars are probably our favourite storage ideas in terms of affordability. While you can buy your own mason jars in stylish designs , we think the good old-fashioned way of saving your own used jars is much more fun. While it may take longer, you can save old tins and jars to store everything from make-up brushes to pens and pencils. You can even stack them in pyramid shapes to create a storage-solution centrepiece. With paint, washi tape, ribbon and other decorations, they have the potential to be one of our most stylish storage hacks.

Jars and tins can be used to organise stationary and reclaim junk drawers for more storage

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