Top 10 Ideas to Manage Your Cables and Wires

One of the most stressful things to tidy up is wires and cables. They can easily get tangled and could end up as a trip hazard. Here at Space4U Self Storage, we have put together some top tips to manage your cables and wires.

1. Attach Binder Clips to The Edge of Your Desk

If the wires and cables behind your desk are starting to like a spaghetti junction, using binder clips are a clever way to reorganise the mess. Attach the binder clips to the edge of the desk, and feed the cables through the metal handle. If the cable is too big to fit through the handle simply detach the handle of the binder clip, position the cable through, and reattach the handle.

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2. Add Labels to Your Cables

Trying to figure out which cable leads to something can be an absolute nightmare if it’s not organised. Adding labels can help make things a lot easier by sticking them on the cable itself, or the back of the plug. Make sure that you have clearly labelled your items so that you are sure where they come from.

3. Use a Colour Scheme with Cable Ties

Using cable ties is a fantastic way to keep your cables under control. Creating a colour scheme will help you identify where they belong, for example:

  • Blue Cable Tie: Computer Cables
  • Yellow Cable Tie: TV Cables
  • Red Cable Tie: Cables for Gadgets (chargers etc)

4. Create Your Own Charging Station

If you have a lot of gadgets, you always need to charge them. If you get into bad habits, you will end up having a jungle of cables to deal with. Creating a charging (or docking) station with various items such as boxes, drawers, and even bread boxes can give your space a more personal touch, with the added bonus of some organised gadgets and cables.

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5. Change Your Plug Sockets

Did you know that you can get plug sockets that are adaptable for USB? If you replace your old plug sockets with a universal one, you can then say “goodbye” to messy and unwanted extension leads.

6. Declutter Old Cables

We have all been in that situation, where we have to deal with a “man drawer” full of cables. It’s so easy to keep hold of unwanted cables, so make sure that you get rid of them!

7. Hide Extension Leads

Extension leads can be useful, but they are not the prettiest thing to look at. Find a decorative box and some scissors and place it on top of the extension lead to keep those wires looking tidy.

If you have an extension lead on the floor of your desk, attach it to the desk itself and you’ll feel like that it’s not even there!

Tidy desk with hidden cables

8. Avoid Using Multiple Extension Leads

Plugging in a chain of extension leads is not only messy but dangerous too! Joining multiple extension leads can cause the cords to heat up, which can result in a fire or electrical shock, so we highly recommend to avoid doing this.

If your cables can’t reach far enough, try using a longer cable, or ask a professional to install a new socket in your wall.

9. Go Wireless!

As technology continues to improve at an exceptional pace, some gadgets (such as phones) are now able to charge wirelessly. We recommend checking if there are any wireless alternatives so that you have less time worrying about tripping over cables.

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10. Move Your Desk Cables Off The Floor

When creating a comfortable home office space, make sure that you have as much legroom as possible under the desk. Adding a small shelf or attaching a wire basket can help store any loose cables to keep them neat and tidy.

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